Victory Column

The 7 most Instagrammable spots in Berlin

Looking for a city that’s rich in history, has endless street art and with good food at every corner? Berlin is an ideal place to show off on Instagram. Here are seven Instagram-worthy places, along with some tips to snapping that perfect shot.

Brandenburg Gate

1. Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is without doubt one of the most iconic and recognisable tourist sights in Berlin. It’s certainly one of the most popular for Instagrammers. A symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity.

Insider tip: Avoid crowds by taking it from the back — while you don’t get the front of the statue, you’d still capture the impressive gate.

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East Side Gallery

2. East Side Gallery
The East Side Gallery is a 1.3km open-air gallery with painted artwork on parts of the historic Berlin Wall. The Gallery offers a glance back into the history of Berlin as well as a great place for taking some shots for your followers.

Reichstag Building

3. Reichstag Building
The Reichstag Building is home to Germany’s parliament. The main feature of this building is the futuristic looking dome at the top which has been designed to reflect light down into the building. Explore the structure and snap some symmetrically-pleasing shots.

Insider tip: This is also one of the best places in the city to catch the sunset. Alternatively, visit at night and watch the stars under the glass ceiling.

Berlin TV Tower

4. Berlin TV Tower
The Berlin TV Tower dominates the city’s skyline. You can visit the observation deck and get views of the city from over 200 metres high, or, for a special experience, dine in the restaurant at the top.

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Oberbaum Bridge

5. Oberbaum Bridge
Probably one of the most-snapped bridges in Berlin, if not Germany, the Oberbaum straddles the River Spree connecting the trendy neighbourhoods of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. It’s a prime spot for catching the sunrise, or alternatively snapping the hipster locals cycling through the arches.

Insider tip: The bridge is also a good place to photograph at night and you can time it to capture light trails from the yellow trains going past.

Victory Column

6. Victory Column
The Victory Column is one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks and a popular tourist spot. The Victory Column is topped by an iconic 35-tonne bronze statue of Victoria, the Roman goddess of Victory. It’s located in Tiergarten, a 520-acre park full of beautiful flowers, open green spaces, lakes and charming cafés. Visitors can climb its 285 steps to reach the viewing platform at the top, if you don’t fancy the stairs, the view is just as good from the ground.

Insider tip: Use the pano feature on your phone to take in even more of the view.

Berlin Cathedral

7. Berlin Cathedral
The Berlin Cathedral is the largest church in the city and hard to miss. Located in the middle of Museum Island, the entire area is filled with beautiful architecture and fountains for you to get that perfect shot. As well as the exterior, the interior of the Cathedral is also worth seeing and quite a good Instagram and photography spot.

Insider tip: Another one for the panorama feature to capture as much as possible.


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