Selection of travel tech devices including tablet and headphones

9 pieces of travel tech you shouldn’t leave home without

Maps, guides, transportation and safety have all been transformed through technology. And while travel can be a great opportunity to switch off email and social, there’s plenty of non-intrusive technology that can really add to your travel experience. So here’s a list of 9 pieces of kit that you should have with you every time you jump on a plane.

Selection of travel tech devices including tablet and headphones

1. World adaptor

This is first on the list for a reason – you’ll want to keep your cameras, headphones and screens powered up. The SKROSS World Adaptor USB (available in our on-board Boutique range) has built-in twin USBs and audio jack. With it, you can charge two USB devices and connect one unearthed two-pole plug simultaneously. It works in more than 150 countries. Pack it for every trip without worrying about local compatibility.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

These are indispensable for frequent flyers. Noise-cancelling technology eliminates the hum of the engines at the flick of a switch and makes your flight experience that bit more relaxing. They’ll work at your destination on trains and buses too. Some headphone accessories to consider are an audio splitter for sharing movies or music with a friend (available in Boutique for €9), and an airplane adapter for connecting to in-flight entertainment systems equipped with dual-output 3.5-mm jacks. (Bose have one priced at just €2.95).

3. Tablet and Bluetooth keyboard

Travelling with a laptop is a pain. They’re big, heavy and the batteries aren’t usually up to much. As an alternative, try substituting with a tablet. Couple with a Bluetooth or USB keyboard for a better experience, and think about adding a case that doubles up as a stand.

4. Smartwatch

There are plenty of good reasons to pack away your phone while you’re travelling: For one, security. Phones are an easy target for pickpockets. Another reason is just being present. Look up and enjoy your environment! A smartwatch lets you ditch the phone for a few hours without fear of missing an important call or message from home. It’s also good for tracking distance and location.

5. Portable hard drive

You’re probably going to be taking lots of pictures and videos. Instead of relying on patchy Wi-Fi to upload to the cloud, bring along a portable hard drive. You can get a rugged 1TB hard drive for under €100. That’s plenty of storage for an average trip. Upload your content when you get home and your hard drive is good to go for your next adventure.

6. Power bank

Travel is hard on batteries. For those times when you’re not standing still for long enough to charge up from the mains, pack a power bank. Keep it charged up overnight – the minute you let your power bank run dry is when you’ll need it most! As an alternative, you might use a phone case that doubles as a power backup, but the beauty of a separate power bank is that you can use it for any of your USB-powered devices.

7. Unlocked smartphone

If you’re going further afield or on an extended trip, consider purchasing a local SIM. It can make data and voice connectivity much more accessible. Just remember to get your phone unlocked before you go. As an alternative, you could buy a burner phone locally, but it mightn’t have the features you’ll be accustomed to on your home device. Some newer high-end devices come with dual-SIM technology. If you’re lucky enough to have this, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

8. Camera tripod

If you’re looking to get some time-lapses or landscapes, a small tripod will make for a much better result. The classic option is the Gorillapod from Joby.

9. Torch

Finally, so basic… but so handy. Even a small keyring torch is great for finding keyholes and light switches in unfamiliar places. You never know when it might be useful.

So there you have it. Nine pieces of kit that can keep you connected and entertained. But more importantly, they add up to everything you need for a safe and memorable trip.


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