Get your travel documents approved before you leave home with VeriFLY

We’re delighted to have extended our partnership with VeriFLY, a trusted travel pass app that allows you to upload your travel documents and have them checked and approved before you fly.

VeriFLY can be used for the majority of our network, including to and from Europe, from UK to Ireland, UK to and from Barbados and on transatlantic routes to and from the USA. To date, up to 250,000 Aer Lingus customers have successfully used the VeriLFY app. See all routes available for VeriFLY here

How does VeriFLY work?

The VeriFLY app can be downloaded for free to mobile devices and is designed to offer peace-of-mind before travelling. The app allows you to upload Covid-19 related documentation required for travel to your destination, including vaccination records and negative Covid-19 results. 

The documentation is then approved. You’ll receive a “green tick” on the app, letting you know you have met the appropriate Covid-19 entry requirements for their destination. Customers who use VeriFLY can check in online and go straight to bag drop or their boarding gate and avoid any queuing at check-in.

VeriFLY for travel to the USA

Upcoming trip to the USA with us? You’ll only be able to check in online once you have used VeriFLY to approve your documentation. This will help reduce any uncertainty or stress associated with the new travel requirements. At the airport, customers travelling to the USA will show their boarding pass to the Aer Lingus agents at the boarding gate. Find out more about the new USA travel requirements. 


VeriFLY for travel within Europe

Flying with us within Europe? At the boarding gate show your VeriFLY “green tick”. You can then avail of a prioritised VeriFLY boarding process which minimises queues, allowing for a more seamless airport experience.

Know Before You Go

In addition to VeriFLY, we advise all customers to use our Know Before You Go travel tool to check all the latest travel requirements for your destination. The free online tool allows you to search destinations and see up-to-date tailored travel information based on your specific circumstances, including vaccination status, return travel and flight connection requirements.