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Cleveland is an authentic Midwestern gem. This Great Lakes city has a proud industrial past, an incredible network of nature reserves and oodles of personality.

With four weekly flights from now on, it’s easier than ever for you to experience the best of the Midwest for yourself.

Plus European and UK passengers can use connecting flights to check out this unique city. Fly via Dublin from London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

Why visit Cleveland?

You might be wondering if Cleveland, Ohio is worth visiting. After all, it’s not a well known tourist destination like Paris or Rome. But there’s a lot to see and do in Cleveland, and it’s definitely worth a visit! There you can experience the unexpected historical culture, explore all the magnificent places to eat & drink. Also, it is a staple destination for concert tours, so you just might catch a show while you’re there.

Must Visit Places in Cleveland

With its blue-collar history, trademark charm and vibrant arts scene, find out what you can discover on your Cleveland trip.

1. Lakeside city surrounded by greenery

As the largest city on Lake Erie and with the Cuyahoga River running through it, Cleveland has a deep connection to the water. And you don’t have to go far to get up close and personal with a Great Lake. Head downtown to Edgewater Beach and take a dip in Lake Erie, rent a paddleboard or simply kick back on a beach chair.

Cleveland and the Lake Erie shore at sunset
Cleveland and the Lake Erie shore at sunset

Along with the deep blues of Cleveland’s waterways, this Midwestern city has serious green fingers. In fact, it’s literally surrounded by greenery.

Known as The Forest City, 18 nature reservations encircle the city. In total, there are 23,000 acres of parkland with walking, bike and horse trails. From the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to the ancient woodlands of the A.B. Williams Memorial Woods, there’s so much to explore.

2. Get into the groove, enjoy the views

Are you a sucker for a guitar riff? Well, you’ll be right at home in Cleveland. Locals proudly claim that this is the birthplace of rock and roll – it’s where radio DJ Alan Freed popularised the term in the 1950s. Nowadays, music fans come far and wide to visit the architecturally-striking Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, packed with fascinating memorabilia.

Another spectacular stopoff is the Cleveland Museum of Art. Come here to see extensive European, Asian, African and American art collections, as well as exciting temporary exhibitions and one-off events.

Meanwhile, there’s one place in Cleveland where you can feel festive all year around… A Christmas Story House has been restored to mimic the classic 1983 movie. Take a tour, or go one better and stay the night.

3. Cheer from the bleachers

Cleveland is a city of sports lovers. Get chatting to a local and hear all about long-standing grudges and dramatic plays. And if you’re a sports fan yourself, it’s well worth catching a game during your visit.

A close up image of baseball,baseball glove,baseball bat

The Cleveland Browns are the local NFL team, while the Cavaliers represent the city on the basketball court. However, the most successful local team are baseballers the Cleveland Guardians. They are major players in the MLB, finishing either in first or second place every year since 2016.

4. Hip eateries and old-school heritage

Once an industrial city, many of the old warehouses and factories that line the water’s edge are now home to hospitality and cultural institutions. This is where locals and tourists alike come to check out the coolest eateries, hippest breweries and cutting-edge galleries.

Meanwhile, the neighbourhoods of Ohio City, Collinwood, Asiatown and Tremont offer a different flavour of the city. They are studded with restaurants, taverns and markets that have stood the test of time. Wander the streets and get a taste of Cleveland’s many cultures, from Polish perogies to Szechuan hot pot.

So there you have it! A few of the many reasons why we think Cleveland IS worth visiting. It may not be Paris or Rome, but there’s definitely a lot to love about this city. So if you find yourself in Ohio, be sure to give us a chance – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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