Slow-TV Aircraft on runway

The Flight: A full 7-hour journey from Dublin to Philadelphia

More than anything, we’re about bringing people together. But while that’s on hold for now, we hope this video will be a happy reminder of a trip you took in the past, or help you look forward to a time when you can be reunited soon with a friend or a loved one.


In April 2018, we began flying direct from Dublin Airport to Philadelphia International Airport. For the inaugural flight, we filmed the entire journey – a full seven hours – from the flight deck. From push-back at Dublin to landing and the customary water-cannon salute on arrival in Philadelphia, this unique, uninterrupted view covers over 5,000 kilometres. We’ll head out to the West Coast of Ireland and across the Atlantic Ocean before making landfall over northern Canada and head down the East Coast to Philadelphia.

We were inspired to make this video by the Norwegian genre of “slow TV”. In 2011, a 134-hour broadcast of a cruise ship was watched by 50 percent of Norway’s population. The lengthy realtime shows have also grown in popularity in Australia, where a 17-hour train journey was aired. The genre is known for its relaxing meditative qualities.

Slow-TV Landing in Philadelphia

So why are we sharing it now? We wanted to give you a sense of travelling from your own home. We know many of you are missing it as much as we are. This video is about slowing down, switching off, unwinding and escaping for a few hours. When you’re ready to travel again for real, we’ll be happier than ever to welcome you on board.